Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Episode 4-1

1. Shows another mission type - 'return mission'.
2. Shows another item - Portal.
3. Shows how to get 'One for All' achievement.

Episode 3-1

1. Shows usage of your basic items - pointer and twister.
2. Shows your main goals - flowers. They need 5 photons each.
3. Shows your sub-goals - dark suns.
4. Tip: sometimes the removal of your item could be a key.

Episode 1-1

1. Shows basic UI.
2. Shows how to change the ray direction during halt.
3. Shows how to march and halt.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ray Marching

You are the Sun to control the ray. Your army, photons will march along the ray.
Flowers are waiting for your assistance. Can you rescue them?

Rule is simple:
1. March the photons as many as possible.
2. Don't lose your photons, if you can.

Game Features:

- 60 fun stages.
- 8 challengeable achievements.
- 5 unique items.

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